I was commissioned by ATP to make a series of illustrations in my style inspired by ancient Greece. ATP is a souvenir retail shop that provides many souvenir shops in Greece with various products. Our goal once again was to make something different and for the products to stand out from the rest of the Greek related tourist products available in the market. Our themes of course were well known ancient Greek figures, temples and objects like the Parthenon, the owl, the horse, helmets and others but the challenge was to give them a fresh vibe. So through my pop art geometric style and combined with some patterns also inspired by ancient Greece these are the results. The colors used where also inspired by ancient artifacts and vessels. Some of the products that the illustrations have been used on as you will see below are coasters, mugs, cups, pillows, pocket mirrors, stickers, notepads, magnets and more. Hope you enjoy the project.
Patterns i made and used in my illustrations inspired by ancient Greek vessels and artifacts.
Athena's helmet
Ancient Greek warrior helmet
The Phaistos Disc
The Parthenon
Pocket mirror
Travel pillows
Iron-on patch
Coasters & cups
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