This is a selection of some of my recent personal illustrations. These pieces are a new chapter in my artistic story. I like to call it "Chapter II". I have taken my signature style which I've had for years and turned it into something a little different.

My signature style has been quite refined, Pop Art meets Geometric Art. Colors, shapes, patterns and everything just came together. Now i am keeping a lot of those principles but evolving it into something different. More freestyle, doodle - like closer to fine arts and contemporary arts. I am having some much fun with these by breaking my own rules. It's like me today met me 20 years ago when I still did graffiti, and they decided to collaborate making surreal crazy art pieces.

I have also been experimenting with some simple frame by frame animation to bring some of these artworks to life as you can see below.

Here NFTs you can find some of these pieces as 1/1 NFTs, some are still available. Hope you enjoy this new chapter of mine. I will still be doing my usual signature style illustrations but mostly for commercial work.

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