Selection of various commissioned illustrations I've recently made for clients around the world.
This selection contains illustrations made for editorial use, printed ads and apparel.
Hope you enjoy the project.
Client: Rotary magazine
The project: Editorial illustration for the German magazine "Rotary" for an article about how churches will deal with the Corona virus crisis.
Creative director: Svenja Kruse
Client: Deutsche Bank - Werte Magazine
Agency: bp Content
The project: A long horizontal timeline illustration telling the story of 150 years of Deutsche Bank for Werte Magazine.
Creative team: @geschewendt @thomaselmenhorst

Client: Pancreta Bank
Agency: Cicero Advertising
The project: Series of illustrations made for Pancreta Bank to be used in printed ads, social media and website.
Client: Wired Magazine
The project: Spot illustration made for "Wired" UK magazine regarding an article about Texas-based startup "Astral AR" that plans to solve America’s gun violence problem with fleets of autonomous armored drones that can see through walls.
Client: Armiriki
The project: Series of illustrations made for Armiriki limited edition tshirts. The main idea behind the series i designed is
Greece is summer. Summer is Greece. Everything comes alive in the summer. Since you were a kid one of the things that was connected to the summer was how many ice creams you had. So, in this story the ice cream is the vessel that will take you on a trip to the Greek islands, beaches, sailing, making sandcastles, enjoying the sun with no worries on your mind like back to when you were a kid.

The project: Greece inspired Illustration for, a french travel guide for people that want to travel to the Greek islands.

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