I was commissioned by Dior international to make a couple of illustrations in my style to be used as geofilters in Snapchat, for an event on the 25th of October in New York regarding the book "The Art of Color".

Dior celebrates its passion for color in this book, inviting the major names behind the House Make-up to take inspiration from 12 key shades, illustrated in sumptuous photographs, and to compare them to great works of art.

My job was to make the illustrations for snapchat for the event in my own geometric pop art style. I had a specific color palette to use and two different ways to go. One was to make an illustration on the concept of the event and one on the location of the event which was New York. I also had to have in mind that the illustrations had to be refined and not too complicated as they where not going to be too big on the mobile screen. After the first drafts-proposals we decided not to go with the location per say, but i was sent a new logo " I love The Art of Color" and had to think of a way to incorporate it to an illustration. What i came up with was fashion-like illustration of a girl wearing a t-shirt with the logo on it inside a polaroid frame. The second illustration that was chosen was based on the cover of the book, again in a more geometric abstract interpretation and placed inside stamps accompanied by the logo of the event. Below in the presentation you can also see the rest of the proposals that we didn't go ahead with. Hope you enjoy the project.
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