Project: Discover Parramatta official guide illustrations
Client: City of Parramatta
Agency: Hardie Grant Media

Parramatta is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities. It is the merging of old and new that has created the diverse patchwork of culture, history and modernity that makes this region thrive. Discover Parramatta for which I illustrated two full page spreads, is an independent guide commissioned by City of Parramatta with content curated by Hardie Grant Media. I was asked to create four illustrations (2 themes). The first theme was connected to significant historical sites, buildings and highlights that can be experienced on a heritage tour of Parramatta. The second was to create an illustration regarding food that can be found in the city. Each illustration is composed by various elements connected to each tour. Of course part of the brief and the reason they contacted me was for the illustrations to be in my style, bold linework, clean, use of geometric shapes, patterns and limited use of color.
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