The Client
Elo soaps are 100% natural handmade soaps made from pure Greek olive oil by the so called frozen process without preservatives holding its natural glycerin, which has remained all throughout the production, as temperatures never exceed the average ambient temperature. With this method pure natural oils give all their beneficial properties. The soap is allowed to mature naturally as nature provides. From the production date it remains 6-8 weeks until it is ready to pack .The packaging is also handmade. A few of the materials that they are made from, are honey, lavender, donkey milk, olive oil, karite butter, aloe vera & coconut oil.
The Brief
I was asked to make and A5 leaflet that would be eye catching, and illustrate it in my own abstract pop style. I took some of the basic materials the hanmade soaps are made from and made a composition combining them all in to one abstract illustration. The colors needed to be not too vivid but more earthly to bring out the natural side of the soaps. One of the difficulties was to fit all 8 soaps on one side in such a small leaflet. That's where i decided to make icons inspired by the main illustration and style for each soap and it's main ingredients.
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