The Client

ENGIE, formally know as GDF Suez, is the number one independent power producer and supplier of energy in the world. ENGIE currently operates in three key sectors: electricity, natural gas and energy services. This campaign will reflect their priorities in these sectors as they make innovative plans to tackle the energy challenges of tomorrow. ENGIE has positioned itself as a leader in Energy Transition. Energy Transition is the change from an energy mix that is essentially fossil-based to the most renewable and intelligent mix possible. This term is quite unknown to the general public, despite being the core challenge of energy operators today.

The Brief

I was asigned to create artworks that correspond to some of the themes ENGIE would like to promote regarding it's move towards new, innovative energy solutions "Energy Transition". My instructions where to make the themes in my own style, using the ENGIE color palette. The themes had to be appealing and quite easily understandable. Once again i worked one these artworks in an abstract way, using bold lines, pop art style and various simple patterns.
Client: ENGIE
Creative direction: Publicis x Digital Native Arts (Curioos)
Art direction: Mike Karolos (Smirap Designs)
Theme: Offshore Wind Turbine
Theme: Geothermal Heat Pump
Theme: Microalgae
Theme: Collaboration
Theme: Liquefied Natural Gas
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