The Client

The Eugenides Foundation is an independent, non-profit foundation with a mission to enhance the scientific, technological and technical education of the Greek youth and to promote science and technology to the general public. It was established in 1956.

The function of the fully renovated Eugenides Foundation is based on the following main activities:
/ The New Digital Planetarium, one of the largest and best equipped digital planetariums in the world, presenting digital shows and large-format films.
/ Publishing activities in the fields of maritime, vocational and technical education.
/ A library, with multimedia applications and distance learning technology.
/ Postgraduate scholarships for students in scientific and technical fields.
/ The new Science and Technology Centre, which extends within three floors and comprises of 57 interactive exhibits and specially equipped areas for labs, demonstration of experiments and lectures.
/ Expanded educational activities and collaborations.
/ A modern Conference Centre.
/ A technology laboratory, the “UTech Lab”.

The Project

Starting with their main 28 page brochure / program i was asked to create their new identity in my style. The idea behind the cover was about a world of knowledge and wonder that is uncovered in the foundation. My goal throughout the brochure was to keep a balance between minimal, serious, and playful and fresh. The diagonal line was my way of creating that balance and at the same time is based on the twirl of a page but simplified to a simple line that follows the whole identity. Once the brochure was ready we also worked on posters that would be displayed on digital screens in the foundation, social media posts and also a two fold brochure for their UTech Lab. Since the two fold brochure had a few limitations i had to consider, like being printed in-house and changing regularly, i kept the same logic of the rest of the identity but with a little different approach.

Hope you enjoy the project.

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