“Harry’s Birthday Party” children’s book is a side project I have been working on in my free time in between client work. My mother wrote this little children’s book about 15 years ago. It might of a took me a long time to eventually decide to bring it to life but now it’s finally here. The story is about a group of animal friends that get into trouble by trying to surprise their friend Harry for his birthday. As in most children’s books there is a lesson to be taught here, which in this case is that “honesty is the best policy”. When I started working on the book I wasn’t sure how my geometric pop art style would work on a children’s book but the truth is I am happy with the result. It’s colorful, bold, easy to understand but at the same time a bit different than your usual illustrations for a children’s book. I started the project by making the main characters of the book first and once the characters where ready I continued with the cover and then each spread of the book. Hope you enjoy the project.
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