Illustrations 2017 | Part 1

Selection of some various illustrations i've made in the first half of 2017. Most are personal illustrations, some made for various events and some are commissioned. As usual the illustrations are made in my geometric pop art style but i have also done a lot of experimenting regarding form, colors and shading in some cases. More information on each illustration below. Hope you enjoy them!

Illustration of Manarola in Italy made for the TravelInk project that took place in Athens - Greece at the end of May.
Vintage bicycle illustration made for the BikeArt exhibition.
Personal illustration inspired by the ancient Greek Cycladic figurines.
Commissioned surreal illustration made as an image for a music oriented youtube channel.
Miami inspired illustration.
"Mirror". Personal illustration.
"Woman by the pool". Part of my summer memories series. Also experimenting with some shading and blending it in to my more geometric style.
"Summer View". Part of my summer memories series.
"Watermelon". Part of my summer memories series.
Abstract illustration in my own personal style but at the same time influenced by Joan Miró.
Minimal Santa Claus illustration.
Illustration of the "Greek Freak" Giannis Antetokounmpo.
You can find a lot of my artworks as prints for sale on Curioos.
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