Illustrations 2017 | Part 2

Selection of some various illustrations i've made over the last few months. Most are personal illustrations, some made for various events and some are commissioned. As usual the illustrations are made in my geometric pop art style but i have also done a lot of experimenting regarding form, colors and shading in some cases. More information on each illustration below. Hope you enjoy them!

"Forest". Personal pattern-like illustration
"Koufonisi". Personal illustration inspired by my summer vacation on the small beautiful Greek island Koufonisi
"Autumn Leaves". Personal pattern-like illustration
Illustration made for the "100 posters for Crete" exhibition that took place in Crete-Greece this summer.
Poster design & illustration made for an event for the Jazz trio "Hatzko Trio"
Blade Runner 2 inspired illustration.
"Deconstruct" Abstract experiment.
"The pink flamingo". Summer 2017 was all about flamingos so i just went with the flow on this one.
Illustration made for Slanted magazine.
Unpublished client work that was never completed.
Unpublished client work that was never completed.
"Man playing the piano". Personal illustration
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