Various illustrations 2018 | Part 2

Selection of various illustrations I've made over the last few months. Most are personal illustrations, some made for various events and some are commissioned. As usual the illustrations are made in my geometric pop art style but i have also done a lot of experimenting regarding form, colors and shading in some cases. More information on each illustration below. Hope you enjoy them!

Space_Personal illustration
Illustration i made for a music Facebook page called "Tis Diskokritikis"
The Face_inspired by Picasso and Miro
GeomeTree_Poster i made for an exhibition in Greece to help those affected from the wildfires we had on the 23rd of July 2018.
Made for Hand Made Font's instagram page
Houses_Personal illustration
The gold hearted giant_inspired by my trip to Thailand
Spiderman_Small tribute to the great Stan Lee
Still life 01_Personal illustration
Smile_Personal illustration
Daydream_inspired by ancient Greek Cycladic figurines
Vessel_inspired by ancient Greek vessels
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