Project: illustration for boxer shorts

I was commissioned by "ON THAT ASS" to design an illustration inspired by the Japanese and Chinese culture, to be used on men's and boy's boxer shorts.

ON THAT ASS is a company based in the Netherlands that delivers high quality men's underwear with the perfect fit and one exclusive and unique design every month. It's an online membership service. Their products can’t be purchased in stores or other web shops and are only available for their online registered members. These members don’t know what the upcoming design will be until they open the package at home. The ultimate surprise!

Regarding the brief. The illustration had to be made like a seamless pattern. That way the design fits perfectly on the boxer shorts and creates an eye catching pattern. The theme i had to work on was to be inspired by Asia an more specifically by the Japanese and Chinese culture. Mount Fuji lanterns, bonsai tree, sushi and origami are a few of the elements i illustrated and added to my composition. Of course the reason the company contacted me in the first place was because they wanted the illustration in my style. Bold, a little abstract, geometric and with a pop art vibe to it. Hope you like what you see.
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