The Project

I was commissioned by Cicero agency to make illustrations of iconic landmarks and landscapes in Greece for Pils Hellas, a Greek beer company. The illustrations would be part of the beer’s new campaign and online contest that invites people in Greece to take part, suggest and discover different words and sayings we use for the same thing but in different parts of Greece. The difficulty of making these illustrations was to be able with as little detail as possible for each landmark, to be quite recognizable. Hope you enjoy the digital journey around Greece through my geometric pop art illustrations. You can see the site here


Client: EZA, Pils Hellas
Agency: Cicero
Web & Graphic Design: Cicero
Windmills - Mykonos
Knossos - Crete
Portara - Naxos
Castle of the knights - Rhodes
Kamares - Kavala
Lighthouse of Alexandroupoli
Mpourtzi - Nafplio
Monastery of Hozoviotissa - Amorgos
Navagio - Zakynthos
Melissani lake - Kefalonia
The Bridge of Arta
Mytilene - Lesbos
Meteora - Kalambaka
Pontikonisi - Corfu
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