I was commissioned by Reborrn to decorate their new office walls by creating a series of illustrations in my style, to be printed on canvases.

Reborrn can be described as consultants and makers. They build a new breed of consultancy, getting onboard world class Creatives, Engineers, Analysts and Entrepreneurs to challenge the traditional consulting model. They are in the business of shipping products, launching ventures and investing in start-ups, challenging how a modern consultancy should operate in the digital economy.

Based on their brief we went with three main directions for the five canvases i illustrated. The key words for the first theme were space, dynamic, into the future, launch to a new era.. This is where the Rocket launch illustration was made. The next theme's keywords were data, technology, nostalgic and a touch of retro. For this i made the hand pressing buttons in a control room. Another theme we went with due to the location of the offices and their beautiful view was a landscape of Athens and the Parthenon. Last but not least for the entrance of the offices we went with an abstract theme for the two canvases giving it a more artistic look & feel. The colors were chosen to blend in well with the office spaces and there is a consistency  regarding color and style among the illustrations.

Hope you enjoy the project.

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