Reimagined Music Covers

Series of 15 reimagined album and single music covers redesigned in my pop art geometric style. For me and for a lot of designers out there I think, music is a part of my creative process. It can inspire me, give me ideas or even give me the mood and energy to complete a design. So that’s how I decided to make a fun personal project like this with music in mind. The illustrations are mostly inspired by the name of song or album, but are also inspired by the music video of a song, or even from specific lyrics. Some are also highly inspired by the amazing and iconic original album covers but reimagined in my own style and twist. I tried to cover various music genres but there are still a lot more iconic albums and music tracks that I could still make. Some are more minimal, others are more humorous, others are more abstract but all are vector based illustrations made with not too much detail using mostly geometric shapes, bold lines, colors and various patterns. Hope you enjoy the project as much I did making it. 
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