The client
Three Cents Artisanal Beverages, were created to accommodate the functional and practical needs of a modern bar reducing the cost of preparation while maintaining the coherence and consistency in taste and overall outcome. These Premium Mixers allow you to mix the most exceptional cocktails and long drinks in the fastest and easiest way while maintaining their effervescence down to the last drop. Three Cents Beverages are also the perfect choice for those wishing to enjoy a lip-smacking, fizzy alcohol-free drink at home, at the bar, after work, during lunch, on a date or for a special occasion.

The project
I was contacted by Ogilvy Greece and Mellow Studio to work together on a spot animation for Three Cents Beverages and more specifically for its Pink Grapefruit soda. I was commissioned to make the key visual illustration under Ogilvy's creative direction which would then be beautifully animated by the Mellow Studio team. The goal was to create an illustration in my signature style that resembles stained glass art and adds a divine and heavenly feeling to the concept. We went with elements inspired by the Grapefruit soda and Paloma cocktail and of course by the divine stained glass aesthetics we were going for. The color palette was also inspired by Pink Grapefruit and Mexican culture from where Paloma cocktail is originally from.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Greece
Animation: Mellow Studio
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